Golf Swing Arms Close To Body

golf swing arms close to body

If you improve your golf swing, with the strengthening of the exercises is also the speed of the ball and the distance. Power has to be behind your stroke.

You can go to the gym, but it is recommended that you also dumbbells or free weights. The idea is to take the body have to work, not the Machines.

Choose the weight load that you would be comfortable with. Add the desired weight load on each hand. Build strength, not Mass. Consider the ways that you can move your arms. Due to the different positioning arm, it is best that as a precautionary measure with light weights to start in each hand. Increase weights, if you can be managed. Plan and schedule your own repetition program.

1st Press your arms above head – slowly up and down bending elbows outward to the sides.

2nd Press your arms over your head – slowly up and down bending Elbow against the chest.

3rd Start with your arms above his head, his arms opened wide to the side, back to the head position and repeat.

4th Start with the arms above the head government of both arms from side of caution.

5th Start with your arms at chest level and not in full expansion of the chest bend forward Elbows in and out at chest level.

6th Repeat the above exercises with one arm at a time.

7th The above exercises can also be done be lying on his back, lying down or on both sides of the body makes an arm at a time.

8th Bend both wrists up toward the inside of the forearm At the same time then one at a time.

9th Contract the abdomen and bend slightly forward at the waist to keep your chest lifted. The thorax is raised to your spine eliminate curved downward. Initiate this movement.

10th Open your arms in and out from side to side.

11th With arms bend at the sides; Your arms forward and back, as if you are 'on a swing.

The above exercises are on the upper body and arm strength to focus, to help you have the power to make the golf ball for more speed and distance. There are other exercises on the lower body and overall strength to . Strengthen It would be to your advantage to do this too.

The perfect golf swing is when you place the golf club struck exactly the right place on the impact with the right amount of speed and send the golf ball flies directly to the designated hole. And, you need muscle and skeletal strength, correct posture will and flexibility of the shoulders on the floor at his feet.

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