Golf Swing The Handle

golf swing the handle

Golf Swing W/ *TQGC Golf Club Handle

Golf question – unintentional movement?

When playing in match play with some friends, I accidentally hit the ball on the side while take a practice swing. I asked my opponent if I could redo the picture and said no. I agreed and the race. Was I right? Can any site specific rule that applies here? How can I do?

First, look up the definition of stroke brain. This is a forward movement of the club with the intention of hitting the ball.Then movement and the rules of golf, Article 18-2a/19- Ball moved accidentally by the practice swing before tee shot. The explanation states that "The player did not make a career play was not involved, see the definition. "Ball in Play" – which incurs no penalty in section 18-2 bis. The player must place a ball in play from the tee.

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